How I Got a Motorola Xoom

I did it. I saved enough money to buy a Xoom. No I didn’t do this for just the “cutting edge” factor. I also did it so that BaldyPal can make it as a tablet developer too. Phones won’t cut it alone, but phone plus tablet development will put BaldyPal on the map.

So I went to to pre-order my Motorola Xoom Wifi. And while I was there, I felt compelled to invest some protection in my new toy. So I also bought a Blue silicone sleeve, a neoprene bag, some glass shields, and an HDMI cord, b/c I don’t already have one. Plus I hear the mirroring on this puppy is excellent. Unfortunately, they will all come in at separate times. I’ll make sure to let you know when each one arrive. Wifi Xoom doesn’t come out until March 27, 2011, a Sunday, really Motorola? A Sunday? But I’ll have it before long. I’ll post some pics when it comes in. I’ll take them with my Droid X. GO X!

So let me tell you how i saved the money. Keep in mind, my goal is $599 (plus tax). First, I started by thinking of extracurricular activities I could give up. Sorry Golf league, not this year ($238). Paige and I agreed that i can save $8 for everyday I take my lunch to work (7 days = $56). Then I looked around the house for things I could hock for cash. Look an extras PC and LCD monitor. Nothing for the PC, old as dirt, but $25 for the monitor. Got some old Wii games I never touch (that’s a story all of it’s own). How ’bout $60 for 7 games. Oh yeah! Moving on. I got to bring up my Excel spreadsheet so I don’t forget anything. $40 in BaldyPal Android app payouts. $130 for selling back lots of old college books.

During this whole thing, I somehow won a 7″ Android 2.0 tablet on a blog give-away. Wow! I’ve never won anything of value on the Internet before. I get it, it’s such a slow piece of junk. No brand name or anything. It was an American blog hosted and written in China. So I sold it on eBay for $50. Lastly, I had to take a certification test at work. I passed Mom 91%. And low and behold to my surprise, I get a $200 award.

This brings us to a grand total of $799! Woo hoo! I truly amaze myself sometimes. $200 to spare for accessories.