The Xoom has Arrived

Ladies and gentleman, my Xoom is here. Friday 3/25/2011 I woke up to find an email from to say that my pre-ordered Motorola Xoom would be delivered on Tuesday 3/29/2011. I was a bit disappointed to say the least. Fast forward 6 hours to 1:00 PM EST on the same day. After lunch, I head over to Staples with a friend to pick something small and random up. I walk in and low and behold they are setting up the Motorola Xoom display. I walk over to the lady who is bet down plugging in the security cords so that no one can walk away with the display model. I said to her “I’ll take one of those.” Stunned she glanced over at her boss who was to our right as if to say “Am I allowed to sell them yet. They don’t release until Sunday.” So I too turned to her boss and said “again, I’m ready to purchase one if you have them here to sell.” I wore them down….

It didn’t really take much. He seemed happy to get them off his hands. I bet he wanted to be sold out by release date to try to drum up more business as to show others how fast they sale. I didn’t really care. But I pulled my DX out of my pocket, cancelled my Amazon pre-order, and then walked out of the story with a Xoom in my hands 2 days early of the release date. I wonder how many more that Staples sold before the official release date. I’ve read across the Internet that other Staples across the nation have been telling people “no”. Lucky day!