Friday, June 17, 2011

My thoughts on my Xoom

I was so hyped up 2 months early to buy the Xoom. I didn't want the contract so I waited for the wifi version. I'm still glad I didn't get the contract. The day I bought it, I took it back to the office with me and I didn't get any more work done that day. It was so impressive to just hold in my hand. Others gathered around to see what my new toy could do and what it had under the hood. I work with two other gadget freaks who have their own blog ( and they were impressed as well.

Over the next few days I found more and more to use it for. I was a little let down when the majority of my apps did not work on the tablet. However, as the months have passed more and more are becoming available. Of course, Angry Birds is the best looking one on a 10.1 inch screen (until Ka'Pal that is.) Before I could buy the Xoom I had to accomplish two feats. 1. Save $600. Easy as pie. 2. Get my wife to buy in on the idea. Not so easy. I was able to sway her based on her love for books and her love for me (and she likes to see me succeed with Flash development).