OnePlus One Unboxing and Quick Hardware Tour

What do you get when you combine top of the line specs in a smartphone with a company willing to do anything to make a name for itself? The OnePlus One. OnePlus is a new kid in town in regards to smartphone manufacturing and it’s trying very hard to make a name for itself by offering a top tier phone at a mid range, maybe even low range, price. I can’t say it’s building the best reputation for itself right out of the gate because right now the only way you can possibly get your hands on this phone is by invitation. That’s right, you have to be invited to buy this phone. Many don’t see the good in that, I’m one of them. About a month ago, OnePlus held a contest called “Storm of Invites” and I was lucky enough to win one of the 2,500 invitations they were giving away. Although I swore I’d never spend money to feed my Android habit, I couldn’t help myself because its price didn’t break the bank. I hope you enjoy my unboxing of the OnePlus One. A full review will be coming in a few weeks after I give it the good ole push and tug.

UPDATE: Winners of the 2 invites have been notified and invites are on the way! Congratulations Joshua and Christina!