Monday, October 27, 2014

The Power of NFC, in the Palm of Your Hand
Technology is a very fast paced world and it's pretty difficult to keep up if you miss a single beat. Also, technology is hard to accept sometimes. Both of these come into play when we talk about Near Field Communication (NFC) and how it can help us. NFC is used in many ways, and of course, all of them are meant to help you. However, one of those ways ask that you take a big bite of courage and be willing to accept the future. I know some of you are too hesitant to trust electronics with sensitive material such as credit or debit card information. I'd like to attempt to show you the ease and security behind NFC mobile payments in hopes to help you check out faster at the register and also help alleviate some of those worries that you may have towards the future of technology.

Both Google and Apple, the leading competitors and operating system manufacturers in the world, are leading the charge on NFC mobile payments. The idea is simple. Where you would typically swipe your debit or credit card at the register, instead you would tap the back of your phone to the tap and pay touch pad. The hard part is understanding the technical functionality behind the process. And that is where most of you probably clam up. I feel confident that showing you the process of setting up NFC mobile payments on your phone, walking you through how you would check out at the register, and then addressing a few security FAQs should do the trick.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Google and Android Continue to Grow and Grow and...

It's October! And while alot of the nation associates October with Fall or even Halloween, Android lovers also know it as "Nexus Month". Nexus is the name of the mobile line that is overseen by Google, but hardware built by other manufacturers that Google will partner with. In this year's case, they partnered with Motorola to make the Nexus 6 smartphone.

It's also the month of the announcement of the new version of Android operating system. This years iteration is version 5.0 and will be better known as Android Lollipop. Quick history, since Android version 1.5 Google has alphabetically nicknamed Android after sweet treats, starting with C for Cupcake. This first commercial phone released with Android OS was the HTC G1 on T-Mobile and it was running version 1.6 or Android Donut. Fast forward to 2014. Six years and nine iterations later, just last week, Google announced version 5.0 Lollipop.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Unboxing of a Moto 360

Smartwatches!? One of the newest advancements in mobile technology. Join me today as I open the box to explore this great new world of freedom within communication. The adventure begins with the rising of the lid of a new device brought to us by Motorola of which they call the Moto 360.

A Special Look at the Moto 360

This is a special edition video to help introduce everyone to the value of a smartwatch in general. Some questions answered are specific to the Moto 360, but mostly just simple need to know information for anyone considering or at least curious. Like my 8 year old daughter, whom I brought in as a special guest in this video. When she saw this watch on my wrist that was "blank" she become very curious. Stick around and watch the video as I attempt to help you understand the value of a smartwatch.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Motorola's New Moto X: The Unboxing Ceremony

It took a little bit of patience, but once again, the Verizon team has come through for The Android Anthem. Today I have the follow up from last year's Motorola flagship, and this year it is humbly referred to as the New Moto X. I'm so glad they decided not to give it a messy marketing name such as the "Moto X+1" or something silly like that.

This is the follow up of the phone I personally chose to carry as my daily driver. I even bought last year's model for my wife, whom has never owned a smartphone, and she loves it. You can check out all the tricks of last year's original here. But that's not really why you dropped by today. So let's get to it. The unboxing ceremony of Motorola's New Moto X.

Monday, October 13, 2014

JBL Flip 2: A Little Bluetooth Speaker with a Mighty Punch!

A great way to enjoy the boom!

I thought it would be nice to do a little bit more than phone and tablet hardware for a change, I started asking my review partners for a few cool accessories. After all, there is a lot more to mobile technology and enjoyment than just the phone/tablet itself. Ok, there are smartwatches too, which I'm still trying very hard to get my hands on.

So here is a cool toy that everyone can appreciate, no matter which OS you prefer. While there are several bluetooth speakers out there to choose from, and I've played with a dozen or so, the JBL Flip 2 bluetooth speaker has a pound and a punch to dish out. Stick with me a little longer and let's walk through what the Flip 2 speaker has to offer, together.