Motorola’s New Moto X: The Unboxing Ceremony

It took a little bit of patience, but once again, the Verizon team has come through for The Android Anthem. Today I have the follow up from last year’s Motorola flagship, and this year it is humbly referred to as the New Moto X. I’m so glad they decided not to give it a messy marketing name such as the “Moto X+1” or something silly like that.
This is the follow up of the phone I personally chose to carry as my daily driver. I even bought last year’s model for my wife, whom has never owned a smartphone, and she loves it. You can check out all the tricks of last year’s original here. But that’s not really why you dropped by today. So let’s get to it. The unboxing ceremony of Motorola’s New Moto X.