Friday, January 24, 2014

What Have I Been Doing?

As much as I love to talk about Android and Adobe Flash, and things of that sort, sometimes life still gets in the way. It just so unfortunate that I have neglected this journal. I'm sorry! I'll do better this time.

Let's start with where I've been. The last thing I wrote about personally was my review on my Motorola Xoom. WOW! It has been a long time. Since then I've owned 2 new tablets and a new phone. About to buy yet another phone in fact. But the important things to brag about was how lucky I have been during this time off.

Let's see, In May 2012 I was lucky enough to win a fantastic giveaway from Droid-Life. The package included: Asus Transformer Pad,a matching lapdock, Jambox Speaker, and Logitech game controller.

This is Why I Don't Need an SD Card (The SD Card Dilemma)

Let me just put it out there. The lack of SD cards in a smartphone is said to be one of the biggest deal breakers when choosing your next Android device. And I think that reason is one, big, fat cop out.

In October 2012, with the 4.2 release of Android, Google removed the native compatibility of SD cards. Why? According to Matias Duarte, “it’s just confusing for users”.