Monday, April 14, 2014

The All New HTC One M8: Full Review

I’m going to cut straight to the chase, the (All New) HTC One M8 is a very nice piece of hardware. After last year’s One, yes they gave it the same name, HTC had already struck gold, so how were they going to better themselves. How could you take the phone that won the Global Mobile Award for Best Smartphone of the Year and then…make it better?

This year’s HTC One is suffixed with the codename M8 to help differentiate it from last year’s HTC One. This year, they had several changes because HTC listened to their consumers. They listened to the crowds that hadn't even bought their product yet. They listened to the tech geeks who knew that HTC was close, but not quite there yet. They listened to them all to bring us a beautiful experience with our phone.

This year HTC has introduced a phone that is built to last, software that is swift and fluid, and an experience that is intuitive.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Software Highlights of the New HTC One M8

HTC has done a pretty good job of making your user experience of the HTC One M8 fresh and new. Starting with the way you wake up the screen and stretching into the colors and fonts, you will be able to easily make the HTC One M8 your phone. There are so many options and ways to do so, I've picked out a few of the easier, and arguably more important, ones to highlight in this video.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The All New HTC One (M8): Unboxing

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to my friends at Verizon I have the privilege of  introducing to you the All New HTC One also known as the HTC One M8 or even the 2014 HTC One. No matter what you call it, we've got to open the box eventually, right. So let's get to it. Here is my first unboxing video ever, along with my initial impressions of the M8 and it's hardware.