Which One Will You Choose? A Comparison of Samsung’s Note 4 & Note Edge

For the past 4 years, Samsung has released a large screen phone and they pioneered the phablet concept. They call it the Galaxy Note series. They have been big hits too. The thing is four years ago people would joke about phones that large, but today its pretty much expected. I, for one, am not a phablet guy. One thing is different this year, though. Instead of just releasing one new Galaxy Note, Samsung decided that they needed to release two.
And we are talking about Samsung here. Something has to be significantly different about the second device in order to release two Notes in one year. Once you put your eyes on them, you’ll immediately recognize one has a screen that wraps along the right edge. 
Welcome to the Android Anthem, and this is a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Two new phones in Samsung’s most popular line of phones, one very distinct difference. Let’s compare them both in order to find out all the other unique factors.


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge looks really cool, but is it worth it? Sound off in the comments below and let me know which one you choose and why?