Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Note lineup has been an interesting evolution in technology. It began as “that’s too much screen” and now 4 years later it’s “the best phablet option on the market”. To say that it’s an option infers that there are multiple phablets from which to choose, and the Samsung Note series started that trend.

Now, almost all manufactures are making top of the line smartphones in the 5.5″ to 6″ range. Although, personally, I prefer a 5″ to 5.3″ screen, I’m obviously in the minority. They wouldn’t be making their flagship, top of the line device, so large if the consumers didn’t demand it. 

<sarcasm>Thanks, Samsung! </sarcasm>

If I get a new device from a partner and I’m the first to review that particular device, I like to unbox it on camera. A true to the term “unboxing” experience, if you will. So here we are with the unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.