First Impressions After 24 Hours with the Galaxy S7

The first 24 hours of using a new phone are crucial. That is the minimal time necessary to determine whether or not you just wasted your money. If you don’t like what you see in the first 24 hours, the remaining 13 days of the 14 day “return window” is spent justifying your purchase in your head and trying to look past the downfalls. If you do like what you see, well, then there is nothing else to worry about.
What did I learn from my first 24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S7? A lot. I learned about screen, battery, software, camera, hardware, fit and finish. So the question now is, will I be justifying my purchase or will I be worry free?

As a special note, the first true 24 hours were spent setting up the phone. Typical rituals such as downloading and installing all my applications, recovering my backed up text and call logs, and moving my pictures, videos, are heavy burdens on the phone’s battery and processor. Therefore, I didn’t include that time in my 24 hour assessment. But once all that was complete, I rebooted, put it on the charger, slept, then the next morning, game on.

The Super AMOLED, Quad HD, screen is beautiful.  There is no other way to put it. I personally will choose AMOLED over LCD any day of the week. There is something about Samsung  AMOLED though, they have definitely figured out the science behind their screens.  Crisp, clear, toned just right.
Their new Always On Display technology keeps the time, date, and a few important notifications glowing in white (or blue) on the screen at all times. It’s very similar to Moto Display on Motorola phones. One major difference being that Samsung’s variation will move the information around every minute, or so, as to reduce the chances of screen burn in. One thing AMOLED are prone to do.
Setting up the fingerprint security was very easy. I’ve been able to watch the noticeable evolution of this process which started with the S5. They’ve come a long way from swiping the finger across the home button to gently touching it. And it’s become very smart at how fast it learns and subsequently uses that knowledge.
Taking a “note” from the Note 5, the new curved back edges allow the S7 to fit snug in my grip. The aluminum sides no longer cut into the skin of your palm as it did with the S6. Made of glass and aluminum,  the phone is very light weight and has a very premium feel. But it’s also very slippery and shows fingerprint smudges all over the glass, on both sides. It’s almost embarrassing to show it to your friends without wiping it off first.
A few additional quick thoughts:

  • Phone call quality: perfect sound, not always fast to connect.
  • Sound from speaker: not much use during first 24 hours, but seems lacking. 
  • Camera: again, not much use in first 24 hours.
If you had purchased the Samsung Galaxy S7 and only had 24 hours to make a keep or return decision, I’d keep it.