We got a OnePlus 3 to Unbox

A few short days ago OnePlus held a release event in their virtual reality office called “The Loop”. They gave away VR headsets to the first 30,000 who put one in their cart, only charging $5 for shipping, and they did this to help you enjoy The Loop experience. They could have settled for a Google Cardboard type device, or asked you to use one you already owned, but this is the company that asks you to “Never Settle”.
They did all this because they wanted to outdo themselves since last year was a just a prerecorded video watched inside a Google Cardboard box headset. The experience made it obvious that they put a great deal of time and effort into the development, it was indeed more fun than years past. However, it was truly nothing more than a “choose your own story” type movie. To progress you had to go through 3 checkpoints to review the phones design, hardware, and charging evolution. But that’s better than waiting for an invitation to buy their phone.

Then finally, after gathering all 3 checkpoints, you could buy the phone right then and there. And that’s the point where they blew everyone else out of the water. Their brand new phone was announced and available to purchase immediately. No one else has done that, some have come close. To top it all off, shipping notices were sent out within 2 days.

The phone was announced and then in my hands within 1 week!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!

And now that its here in my possession, its has to be properly unboxed, so let’s get to it and see what all comes with this phone. Don’t forget to scroll down past the video for a rundown of the specs packed inside this phone.

Processor: SnapDragon 820 QuadCore
Screen: 5.5″ 1080p Full HD, Optic AMOLED
Battery: 3,000 mAh
Power: Proprietary DASH Charging system (60% in 30 minutes)
Storage: 64GB
Camera: 16MP on rear (w/ Optical Image Stabilization) / 8MP on front
Color options: Graphite Silver, Soft Gold
Network: AT&T, T-Mobile, any other GSM network
Price: $399 at OnePlus.net
Connections: USB Type C; Wifi (all ranges); Bluetooth 4.2, NFC (for Android Pay)

No: wireless charging, Micro SD card slot, waterproofing