We’ve Got a Moto Z Force Droid to Unbox

This is a mouthful: Moto Z Force Droid. Originally, they wanted to tag “Edition” to the end of that, which would have tongue tied us even more. This phone was announced officially in June but wasn’t available until July. Even then, it will be a Verizon exclusive. It’s little brother, Moto Z Droid, will have an unlocked version but it’s availability isn’t until October. 
There is one distinct feature about this phone which i’m dying to try out though, the Mods. Unfortunately, my Verizon friends weren’t able to provide any for me. So I can only speak on the swappable back plate. More on that in the full review. Take a look at this unboxing and let it hold you over as I begin my review of the Moto Z Force Droid.
What do you think? Anything in particular you want to know about in the full review?