Google Home: Unboxing & Setup

On October 4, 2016, Google held a press event to announce several new pieces of hardware. One of them being their new voice activated home automation assistant properly named “Google Home”. This device is a cylindrical piece of hardware that resembles an air freshener. It sits on any flat surface in your house and the best part is you interact with it by just using your voice. However, if necessary, you can interact by touch, but you’ll still have to talk to it for it to actually do anything.
“OK, Google, play Nyan Cat on the living room TV”, that’s my kids favorite action for it. Their second favorite is “Ok, Google, turn on the kitchen light please”. I wish they were that polite all the time. As you can see here, it’s so easy to use. My kids are 10 and 8, they are becoming pros at this already.

As with all new Android devices shown here at the Android Anthem, we’ve have to do the traditional unboxing ceremony. I’ll go one step further and show you how to set it up as well. Let’s take a look.

Google Home might not be for everyone. You’ll really need to be on the bleeding edge in order for Google Home to actually find a place in your home. HAve you bought a Google Home already? Tell us in the comments what you think of it so far.