Full Review of the LG V20

What’s the first thing I should say about the LG V20? It’s a big phone. It has a massive screen! In fact its a 5.7″ Quad HD screen. You can get a lot done with a screen that big. Which is good. It’s also an LCD screen, which means it shines a little bit brighter than LED, so in the dim light, it has some light bleed along the side. Its got an extra two inches of screen across the top. This two inches are used to access quick toggles, notifications, the time. You can in even personalize it with font and letters. On the top of mine I wrote “The Android Anthem”.

It’s doing a really good job of filling in the hole of the Galaxy Note 7. I can’t help but compare it to that. This phone was made by LG to compete with the Note 7. There’s a lot of good things about this phone. A few nit picky dislikes that you’re going to hear from me, but over all, if you bought this phone, you’ll probably to be happy.

The phone itself has two cameras on the back. It has a 16MP and 8MP, along with an LED flash. Those are supposed to give you some really cool features and effects. If you use the main camera by itself, the 16 MP camera, you get some beautiful shots in the right daylight. You don’t get such great shots at night or in low light, kind of pixelated, and when you go to use the special modes, like taking a picture from each camera on the back and the camera on the front all in one picture, for some reason, it can’t handle it well. The main camera comes out looking good, the front camera looks alright, and then the secondary rear camera just looks, almost awful. 
Great lighting samples

Low light samples
Multi camera mode samples
The V20 comes in two memory sizes, 32GB and 64GB, but it also supports a micro SD card. Which is really good because you can take some massive video, some great camera shots, and you need the room to store it all. The battery in the V20 is 3200 mAh. You would think with a phone this big, you could cram a bigger battery in it, but surprisingly enough, I was able to get some great battery life out of this phone. At the end of everyday, I had at least 25% left, and that’s with general usage: telephone calls, Facebook, surfing the web, playing some games, playing some music, but it still had 25% after I went to bed. Even after probably a 14 hour day. 
Although it only has a Qualcomm SnapDragon 820, This phone really kept up. I could jump from app to app, switch screens, take pictures, I could even play games, pick up where I left off. That was also helped by the fact that it has 4GB of RAM. That’ll definitely help you jump from app to app, game to game, Facebook to text to email. Whatever it is you like to do with your phone. 
The LG software experience has some personal tweaking to do. If you like the iPhone and the way their icons are layed out, then you’ll definitely like the way LG has done their home screen on the V20. You also have the ability to change it back to good ole Android with the app drawer. I’m not sure exactly what LG was thinking when they decided to make their launcher look like an iPhone. They should be trying to differentiate themselves from the pack, right?
Talking about Android, it’s running 7.0 Nougat. It was the second phone with Nougat. The first being the Pixel phone which was released directly from Google just a few weeks before the V20 was released. They’ve also been releasing some really good security patches from month to month.
The phone is not waterproof. It has a removable battery still, so the compartment does come off the back. It’s made out of metal, not plastic, if you drop it, it’s going to scratch. It sounds pretty good from the main speaker. If you turn it up too loud it starts to get high pitched. Basses aren’t really hitting it very well, but if you plug in your headphones it gets really good. They got s DACs in there that will help boost the low basses, and equalize everything out. so get yourself a good pair of earphones, plug them in, that’s how you should listen to the music on the V20.
While I was using the V20, I had some onlookers check it out. I was actually able to talk two of my friends into getting it. One of them was looking for a phone that would replace his Galaxy Note 7, have good storage, not cost as much as the Pixel, have an SD card, and a good camera. This one fit the bill.

Overall, I feel like the LG V20 would be a good phone for you if you need a phone that will take some great pictures, has a lot of storage space, big screen, and you got some pocket room. Because guess what, this phone is massive. It’ll get the job done to keep up with you all day long. The RAM, the memory, the processor (despite the age) it still keeps up. I can’t wait to see what they do next year, if there’s ever a V30.

I’d like to thank my friends at Verizon who loaned me their LG V20.