Looking for a Rugged Case that Won’t Break the Bank? Check Out UAG

I’ve never been a fan of rugged cases for my smartphone. They are thick, bulky, and generally are hard to put on and take off, as well as trap dirt and lint. But that’s just not the “case” with UAG. (See what I did there?) Urban Armour Gear makes some rather nice rugged cases for your top end smartphones. They look to hold up well to regular drops while keeping the phones physically in tact.

I’ve recently had the privilege of using the UAG Plasma case for both the Google Pixel and LG G6. Admittedly, I was doubtful about liking it, I’m generally a “no case” kinda guy. But for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to remove this case from my phone.
It provided a great peace of mind to protecting my investment but what it didn’t do was make the phone too thick and bulky to use. I could even still put it in my front pocket. Take a look as I show off the Plasma case for both phones.