Pure 2 Tempered Glass by BodyGuardz

Admittedly, I’ve been very hesitant to try out the Pure 2 tempered Glass screen protector, or any tempered glass for that matter. I received one from my friends at BodyGuardz for my personal Google Pixel which I had already installed, what I thought, was the best screen protector money could buy. This is because the installation process was so easy, it’s warrantied, and it doesn’t peel off easily. 
Also, it’s because with all my experience and knowledge about Android phones, and mobile tech in general, I don’t necessarily trust tempered glass to stay “scratch free” or even keep my phone’s actual glass display from breaking. You should also know that I work at a 9 to 5 where I support 1,600 customer’s and their smartphones, and their #1 complaint about tempered glass is that it doesn’t get close enough to the edge and that the edge of the tempered glass distorts the image under it, as if it were a small magnify glass trying to blow up the image underneath it.
None the less, this is what I do of my own accord, and I felt it would be a disservice to you, and my friends at BodyGuardz. I have to bite the bullet and remove my “perfect” screen protector to do this review.

Holy mackerel! That was too easy. The Pure 2 tempered glass went on so smooth. I doubted the suction cup “installation kit” that was in the box, and rightfully so because i put it on but didn’t use it. Just using the edges I was able to get the alignment dead center on the first try. There was a minor air bubble that had to be worked out. MAssaging the bubble with the cloth wasn’t working. I had to gently and carefully lift the corner back up. That’s generally a dangerous move with tempered glass because it can be fragile. That wasn’t too bad this time.

If you want to check out the Pure 2 tempered glass screen protector from BodyGuardz, you can see all the devices they support at their site. It’s an array of Samsung devices, all iPhones and iPads, and a handful of LG, Google, HTC, and Motorola phones.
The Pure 2 costs between $40 and $50 depending on which phone you have. This one for the Google Pixel is $39.95. It ships free and has a 30 day money back guarantee. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty. An envelope and form comes in the shipping box if you need to take advantage of that warranty. However, there is a small charge for shipping the replacements.
I am not going to do a drop test because this is my personal Pixel. The information on the BodyGuardz website makes me feel confident, though. “impact absorbing adhesive technology”. The phrase isn’t only good marketing, but it truly makes me feel like my Pixel has an extra cushion between it and the cement. One that I hope to never have to test, but if the drop-of-death happens, the Pixel’s screen should survive unscathed.
Final thoughts:
I am very surprised and amazed with how easy it was to install. The Corning Glass 2 feels premium and it does not feel as though I have a screen protector on this phone. The phone still handles touch input very well in all cases thus far. It doesn’t attract fingerprints anymore than the original glass of the Pixel, that’s a plus. It’s easy to clean and wipe off with the microfiber dust cloth that was included in the box. 
The edges of the Pure 2 catches pocket lint very easily since it is raised higher than a regular plastic protector. The cut of the glass is so perfect that if you are off by a millimeter when installing it, you could be covering something essential. But that’s bittersweet because if you are able to get it installed perfectly, the pristine cut of the glass looks very premium on the phone.
It doesn’t come to the edges of the phones glass screen. That’s a tall order to fill though. The contoured edges of the actual screen more or less restrict how close the Pure 2 can get. It fits exactly to the edge of the lit part of the display, it doesn’t cover any bezel on the sides. It does however cover about a quarter of an inch on the top and bottom bezel. 
Part of what I love about my Pixel, and you may love about your phone, is the smooth curve of the glass along the edge of the side bezels. Once you install Pure 2, that feeling will be gone. It’s simply because, by nature of the tempered glass and it’s thickness, there is a new edge that gets in the way of the original smooth look and feel. If put on a rugged case you can’t tell a difference though, because the case already has raised sides to keep the main display protected when you put it on the counter screen down, 
What are you thoughts about the Pure 2 tempered glass screen protector from BodyGuardz? Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.