Case GIVEAWAY Scavenger Hunt

The Android Anthem is giving away a few cases for the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, and the Google Pixel. To get one, all you have to do is fill out this form and be the first to ask for the specific case you want. BaldyPal will pay for the shipping, it’ll be completely free to you. Once that case is gone, it’s gone. I’ll leave the responses open so that you can see if someone beat you to the one you are looking for, and maybe you can put your name in the hat for a different one. It’s a limited supply, so act fast.

In order to win a case, you do NOT have to subscribe or tweet or like or follow, but it would be appreciated!

Social Media:
Twitter and Instagram: @baldypal

List of Cases:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Caseology Vault Black
Caseology Fairmont Burgundy
Caseology Legion Gunmetal
Caseology Vault II Burgundy
Caseology Vault II Black
Caseology Legion Rose Gold
Caseology Paralax Violet
Caseology Paralax Burgundy (2)
VRS Design Dandy Layered Brown
VRS Design Simpli Mod Black
X-doria Defense Clear

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Caseology Paralax Burgundy
Caseology Vault Black

Google Pixel

Caseology Parallax Black (2)
Caseology Waterfall Clear
Caseology Vault Black

Google Pixel XL

UAG Plasma Ice


Caseology Paralax Burgundy
Caseology Vault Black
UAG Plasma Ice

A few necessary rules:
1) I’m so sorry, but because I’m a self funded site (meaning no sponsorship), I simply cannot afford to send these cases out of the country, so I have to limit it to US only. I realize I may get some slack for that, it is what it is.
2) Only 1 case per person. It’s nice to be generous, isn’t it?
3) I need all fields to be completed. To it’s entirety. In the full address field, I need apartment numbers, zip codes, everything one would write one an envelope to get the mail to you. I’ve had some leave off zip codes and apt #’s in the past.