Pre-order the Essential Phone from Sprint Today

We’ve been hearing about the Essential Phone ever since Andy Rubin first teased the picture on Twitter back in the end of May. It’s been a major roller coaster, though, as for availability, or even official release dates are concerned. What we knew up til now is that it’s an edge to edge display with a widow’s peak, it comes in black and white, and that it’s Andy Rubin’s first glory child since he has left Google  three years ago back in 2014.

Today, we learn much more about dates as Essential and Sprint have announced that the phone is officially up for pre-order from either website: or

On Essential’s site, the phone will cost you $699 US dollars. The 360 degree mod camera which pogo clips to the back via magnets will be an extra $50, which is a 75% savings from its original price. On the other hand, for a limited time on Sprint’s site, who is the exclusive US carrier mind you, the Essential phone can be yours for 50% off with $14.58 per month with $0 down on 18 Sprint Flex Lease payments – that is a savings of more than $260. In addition, the 360 degree camera for just $199.99 or $16.67 per month for 12 months with Installment Billing. (That deal is not as good.) Also, only black is available at this time from either source. White will be made available at a later date.

Even though Sprint is the exclusive US carrier, this phone will still work perfectly on every major US carrier.

From Essential you can pre-order the phone and the camera for $749 or pre-order from Sprint and lease the phone for 18 months and the camera for 12 months for a total of $462.44. 
What do you think? Interested? Don’t forget:

“Sprint offers the best price on Unlimited – a family can get five lines of Unlimited data, talk and text, HD video and 10GB of mobile hotspot for just $20/month/line. That’s five lines of Unlimited for $100/month and 50 percent off Verizon and AT&T Unlimited rates for a family of five.”