Is Pixel 2 Kinda Blue Only Available on Verizon? (Updated)

Google is still on stage announcing their newest hardware for the year. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL being the 2 most hyped rumors. I found that the device page on the Google Store website updated as they were on stage. As I was pre-ordering, I couldn’t help but notice that the new Kinda Blue, 1 of 3 color options, is only available to purchase if I choose the “Verizon” option.

What you are seeing in the screenshots below are the different options on the Google Store site. In the first pic, you’ll notice that the Unlocked version only has “Just Black” and “Clearly White” color options. In the second pic, for the Verizon option, “Kinda Blue” appears.


This exclusivity could be for a limited time, but it appears that at launch, Kinda Blue for the Pixel 2 will only be a Verizon option, and not unlocked.

UPDATE: And only available in the 64GB model. Below is a screenshot of the Google Store choosing a 128GB Pixel 2 and you can’t choose Kinda Blue as a color option.

Lastly, Google Support confirms that it is not SIM locked, therefore you can still put a SIM card from any other US carrier in the phone and it will still work on that carrier. Though that’s a bit misleading on their Google Store. I think an ATT or T-mobile customer may dismiss the option all together when they see “Verizon (includes SIM)”.