Mobile Blast Podcast Episode 6: Black Friday Ads

There are so many Black Friday deals on the horizon, but not all of them fit our qualifications of a “deal”. Matt and I thought we would share with you the same advise we share with our personal friends and family about what tech deals are a steal, and which ones to skip.

By going through a few of the more popular Black Friday ads from WalMart and Best Buy, we discuss phones, TVs, gaming, accessories, wifi routers, and so much more. If you are in the market for any new tech this holiday season, this is a must watch podcast. We will help you save your money and not waste any of it on cheap tech.

TVs: check the number of inputs and outputs it has. Many stores get “Special” models made for them to sale on Black Friday at significant’y reduced costs, but also, many of them are bare bones and do not include all the necessary components as a fully featured TV you could get any other day of the week.
Tablets: Adam suggests not to buy any tablet with less than 32GB of internal memory. This does not include the SD card, because apps can’t always be installed on SD cards. Matt suggests smaller memory size tablets for very specific needs such as movie watching or reading eBooks.
Memory cards: for best results, make sure the card is a class 10 (C10).
Phones: Stay within a year, two at the most, from the date that specific phone was originally released. Any older than that and you can guarantee there will be no support from the manufacturer and it will have a dated operating system, which limits which apps you can download from the respective “stores”.