Sprint Gives $100 in PokeCoins When You Choose Their Unlimited Plan

It’s a little strange how this game is still so popular, but it is and Sprint is going to help you hit that level 40. If you are a hardcore Pokemon Go player, you should pay attention to this.

To celebrate the release of 50 new Pokemon from the Hoenn region, Sprint will give you a gift of $100 in PokeCoins to anyone who signs up for Sprint Unlimited. That’s 14,500 PokeCoins to use as you wish in the shop of the popular AR game Pokemon Go.

So the catch here really is, are you ready and willing to jump Sprint? You have to open a new line of service, therefore not available for existing customers who just want to upgrade to unlimited. If you switch to Sprint, or start a new line on an existing account, you can get four lines with unlimited data, text, and talk access for $25 per month, and a fifth line for free.

NOTE: You’ll have to go in store. This offer is not available online.

IF you’r a big Pokemon Go Trainer, and you were already thinking about switching to Sprint, for whatever personal reasons, this is a big incentive. Those coins can get you 3,600 PokeBalls, or 480 Max Revives, or 145 Premium Raid Passes, or….well, you get the picture, it can really help your game.