Review Skinit Lite and Pro Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 has thousands of designs to choose from for your smartphone. I was blown away with the number of pages after pages from which to choose. They were kind enough to send me a Lite case which is $29.99 and a Pro case which is $34.99 to review.

Best of all, they agreed to give you an extra 20% off your order if you use promo code ANDROIDANTHEM. That’s good through April 30, 2018. So after you read this review, go pick out your favorite one (or two or three)!

The Lite case is a hard shell which adds very little to the overall feel of the device. It leaves the buttons exposed but covers all the edges and corners. You can still get to the fingerprint scanner easily, but it doesn’t feel as though it will protect the device from a major drop. Also, because it doesn’t add much bulk, the Lite case just barely protects the screen if you lay it face down on the table. With so many designs to choose from, the Lite case is a great way to customize your device for a generally low and respectable price. This case does feel well made. The Lite case is not available for as many smartphones as the Pro case.

The Pro case on the other hand adds some bulk. This is because it has the hard shell plus a rubber sleeve to surround the phone and cover the buttons, yet leaves the buttons easy to push. The rubber allows you to lay it flat on a table face without worry of the screen being scratched. Lastly, the Pro case just feels as though it adds a good layer of extra protection. You can choose from the same thousands of designs.