A Galaxy Note 9 Explodes in Smoke on an Elevator in New York

According to a report at CNET, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes in “thick smoke” in a NY woman’s purse on September 3, 2018, just a few short weeks after the phone’s initial release.

Her story is recounted as noticing the phone getting “extremely hot”, she then put the phone in her purse (reported by New York Post). That’s when a thick smoke started bellowing out of her purse. She then emptied her purse out onto the elevator floor. Then luckily, a “passerby” picked the phone up with a rag and tossed it into a bucket of water.

You may remember the Galaxy Note 7 Fire Gate scenario back in 2016, let’s just hope for the big phone manufacturer’s sake, Samsung, this isn’t another fire battery epidemic.

Source: CNET