Hi! I’m BaldyPal.

When I was originally trying to discover my first URL, a friend of mine helped come up with that nickname. It just fits me best for two reasons. I’m a friendly bald guy and it’s somewhat of an acrostic using the first two letters from the names of each of my family members. I really enjoy reviewing mobile tech and sharing those reviews on The Android Anthem, but I also enjoy playing golf and hanging out with the family.

My first smart device was a Motorola Droid X (circa July 2010). That’s when I fell in love with smart gadgets. Two guys I worked with at the time had a blog, Gadget University, and they are the ones who talked me into playing the review/youtube game. I began writing November 2014. It took off slow, but I’ve made contacts with several carriers and manufactures now. They loan me phones for a short period of time. Unfortunately, I got to give them all back. I don’t have contacts everywhere though, sometimes I have to buy a phone, and then return it for a full refund within the proper return timeframe.

I’m married and we have two kids of our own. Until recently, we were a foster family. We’d always have an extra toddler (or two) running around the house. That was a great experience, and we loved the kids, but it was a huge weight to bear. As you could imagine, writing and YouTube took a back seat to being a foster dad. Kids always come first.

My current device is a Google Pixel 2. I can’t help but pick up something new each year. I also still use a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet. I’ve started a pretty good collection of IOT gear: Philips Hue bulbs and lightstrips, Samsung and TP-Link smartplugs, several Google Homes and Minis, two smart TVs, ecobee3 Thermostat, and a Nvidia Shield TV set top box. Of course, being the cool dad, both my kids have a tablet of their own. Not my wife though, just a Nexus 5X for her, that’s all she wants.

I also started this blog because I get “how to” questions from friends and family members ALL THE TIME! Also, many ask me for recommendations on what to buy or not to buy. The hardest question of all, “Should I buy an iPhone or an Android?” I figured, there has to be a million people out there with the same questions, so I mine as well blog about them.

Thanks for stopping by the Android Anthem. If you want to reach out, use the Contact page and shoot me an email.